Guide To Choosing The Right Dining Essentials for Your New Home!

There are few events more exciting in life than moving into your new home. This fresh start is the perfect opportunity to build a collection of stylish dining essentials to match with your new place.

Choosing essential pieces from the eb&ive dining collection makes it easy for you to coordinate all your interior décor – and is a lot more affordable than you think!

Let’s take a look at the homeware and dining table essentials that are trending right now.

Marvellous marble and bold sophistication

The stunning Frida bowl set

The stunning Frida bowl set

For a modern, ultra-stylish look reach for the Frida bowl set. The three square bowls in acacia wood and inlaid with black and white marble-effect enamel will set a stunning tone for your tableware.

Build up your homeware collection with the Frida spoon set made from gold-coloured stainless steel or the Frida board and knife set, perfect for presenting and serving after-dinner cheeses. Complete the look with the Frida bowl set in natural and Frida servers.

This sophisticated set looks stunning if your interior is monochrome, or majors in bold statement tones such as charcoal, terracotta and ochre. Our Diana floor rug in stone captures the Frida set’s earthy tones, while the matching door rug will welcome your guests.

For the finishing touches, decorate your table with our Mahala candle in Coco Citrus to create that perfect atmosphere, or opt for the exotic scent of Harper Gardenia to complement the Frida range.

A little French chic goes a long way…

Say cheese with the Provence fork set

Say cheese with the Provence fork set

Bring la belle France to your table with our French-inspired Provence range. Our etched metal coasters in silver, brass and copper are the perfect place to rest that delicious glass of wine, while you can reflect the French appreciation for cheese with our Provence cheese forks.

And don’t forget the all-important bottle opener. The weighted metal adds a touch of luxury to your table, while you can match the colour – gold, silver or copper – to the rest of your collection.

If you love the French look in your interior, the Provence range is for you. The delicate metallic tones of its pieces bring neutral interiors to life. So, if understated chic is your thing, and you have a love for the elegance of French style, this collection is heaven!

Our Lauren floor rug in Jute works perfectly with the subtle palette of pale pinks, peaches and ivory that typifies French style, while the Emma door rug in Ivory will give a warm welcome to your new home.

And finally, a Mahala candle in Frida floral will conjure up an atmosphere of homely sophistication, inspired by French style.

Embrace nature with the Mendoza range

The natural beauty of the Mendoza collection

The natural beauty of the Mendoza collection

If your interior embraces the beauty of nature, you will find inspiration in our Mendoza range. Crafted with acacia wood and with a striking geometric Aztec design, this collection works beautifully in interiors inspired by natural earthy tones like warm browns and terracotta tones.

Serve salads and vegetables in our Mendoza bowl, complemented by our coasters, and our knife set that is suitable for serving cold or hot meat and cheeses.

The Mendoza trinket bowl will hold treats like olives and nuts, or use it to store jewellery or other small items when it’s not gracing your dinner table.

The Gaga door rug in Ivory and Jute will pull all the pieces in your Mendoza collection together with its attractive geometric design. And you can light up a Mahala candle in Maya Sandalwood to truly reflect this gorgeous natural collection of dining and homeware.

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Kitchen Accessories: Good Food comes with Great Utensils

Liven up your food prep with unique kitchen accessories from eb&ive Home. Our collection of kitchen tools is both practical and stylish, drawing on a rich palette of colours and natural materials. With a range of items to help you prep and serve food, you’ll find everything you need. From everyday snacks to special-occasion meals, everything you need is right here. Read on to find out how to make your kitchen time a fun, funky and vibrant experience.

The Sabi cheese board/knife set is a truly chic addition to your kitchen. While the board itself is expertly handcrafted from Italian marble, the knife benefits from a stainless steel blade. As stunning as it is practical, use the set to prepare your starters and nibbles and show them off in an appetising display. Available in bisque or mocha tones, enjoy the set’s aesthetic appeal both in the kitchen and dining room.

The super stylish Sabi cheese board + knife set

Complementing the Sabi cheese board/knife set are the Sabi salt and pepper pots, the perfect place to store your condiments. Luxurious Italian marble adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen, and makes food preparation a pleasure to look forward to. A serving spoon completes the set perfectly.

Your home kitchen equipment should be striking as well as practical. This is where the Mana opener comes in. Available in glorious gold or stunning silver colourways, this useful gadget will open bottles effortlessly as you admire its impressive looks in the kitchen. Not just any bottle opener, its cool, modern design will lend a sophisticated feel to your countertop.

The Mana opener is both stylish and practical

The Londolozi knife set is perfectly designed to prepare and serve meat on your charcuterie board. With stainless steel blades and rattan handles, the set’s authentic look will fit right in either in your prep area or on your serving table to wow your guests.

Complete the look with a set of Londolozi servers. Their natural good looks will look great next to your knife set, and provide an effortless way to serve salads to complement your meal.

If you’re a fan of silver and pearl tones, the Masai knife set is a great alternative. Its mother of pearl handles bring an understated elegance to your kitchen. Perfect for preparing or serving meat or cheese, the set will draw admiration both inside and outside the kitchen.

The Masai knife set brings understated elegance to your kitchen

The Masai servers make a great companion to the knife set, seamlessly serving salad or fresh leaves to your guests.

For some thought-provoking style, reach for the Zuma cheese knife set. With each knife engraved with inspirational words, this set offers some fun to food prep and will be a talking point on the table as you serve up delicious cheeses. Enjoy!

The Savannah bowl is the next must-have item for stylish food prep and presentation. Crafted from Acacia wood with an enamel coating, its compact size makes it ideal for serving olives, dips and other starters. Available in salt, cascade and peach, you are sure to find a shade that matches your décor.

For your salads, opt for the Savannah salad bowl. Measuring a spacious 38cm x 4cm, you’ll find it the ideal – and most stylish – way to serve your delicious, healthy salads.

The Savannah salad bowl for your delicious salads

The unique Savannah Suzy crafted from mango wood is a modern take on the lazy Susan – the perfect way to present and share your condiments and sauces with finesse – and a touch of fun.

The Savannah platter, servers and cheese knife complete the Savannah range of food prep and presentation accessories. Each item is available in three enticing colourways to brighten up your kitchen and dining spaces and present your expertly prepped food to perfection. Serving food has never been a more flawless process!

The Kruger placemat set has a unique look that will show off your beautifully prepped and presented food at its best. Made from woven jute in an unusual half-moon design, the metallic thread adds a special touch, making them perfect for special or festive occasions. Available in silver or gold options.

Pair your Kruger placemats with the Kruger table runner. This generous 1m x 40cm runner provides a stunning backdrop for all your tableware, complementing any style or colour. Crafted from woven jute and in a pleasing oval shape, you can choose from the silver or gold option to add a touch of celebration to your meal.

The Kruger table runner will complement all your tableware

The eb&ive kitchen collection combines function with a beautiful, unique look, and is designed to make it easy to mix and match across ranges. Have fun switching up styles and creating your own striking look inside and outside the kitchen.

You can contact us about any of the items in our beautiful kitchen range, and our team will be happy to help.

Home Accessories

Is it time to get a real sofa and invest in home accents you love? Maybe you’re just starting out with your first condo or apartment–or maybe you’re ready to refresh your home design. Like many people you may be busy with work or living on a budget, with little left over for the home design ideas you crave. But that’s okay!

At eb&ive, we believe that everybody deserves great home furnishings. To help you get started, we’ve gathered our favourite tips for home accessories. Our guide will make your place look polished and personal… without you having to do a complete overhaul.

First, Invest in an Essential Item

When people are decorating or redecorating, it’s a good plan to spend money on a bigger-ticket item, such as a bed, sofa or dining table. If you already have your basic furniture, then you’re ready to accessorise. However, if your room is completely bare, you’ll have to start from the ground up. An investment piece is like a little black dress or a perfectly fitting blouse in your wardrobe, acting as a foundation that you can build upon.

Buy Pieces That Can Move With You

If this is your first place, it’s likely that you’re going to move at some point. But even if you’re fully invested in your dream home (“I will be here for the rest of my life!”) it’s still a smart choice to choose pieces that you can move and rearrange. A well-designed sofa or bed can be moved around, but wallpaper cannot. Art and decorative items, on the other hand, are a smart investment. Not only do they create striking visual impact, but they can be transported from space to space.

Splurging on an original painting from your favourite artist can make a space feel extremely personal. After all, what creates a bigger impact than personally curated art? However, there are a huge variety of home accents that add that personal touch, such as a small plant in a cute planter or a beautiful, natural-fibre knit blanket for your bedroom.

Your home accents don’t have to cost a lot. Custom framing can take a thrift-store photograph or family photo into an eye-catching piece, while a marble cutting board or a few cookbooks can add warmth to your kitchen counter.

Delight Multiple Senses

When decorating your home, the only thing that really matters is how these pieces make you feel. This is your little slice of the world where you get to control your surrounds–and many people find that empowering! While checking out trends can provide inspiration, ultimately you want to surround yourself with pieces that evoke a certain mood or feeling that is true to yourself.

When finding home accents, we tend to focus on visual elements. However, there are multiple other senses–such as touch and smell–that you should appeal to as well. Think of the smoothness of pebbles in a glass jar, the soft caress of wall hangings or carpets, or rough rustic touches like a burlap and lace curtain. When it comes to smell, the strongest sense tied to memory, make your place really smell like home with a delightful scented candle, room spray or potpourri.

Artisan candles are the perfect way to add texture, light and scent to your space.

Upgrade Your Lighting 

Most people don’t think of swapping out light fixtures, but lighting ultimately changes how you see your entire space. Light fixtures come in a variety of styles, while the bulbs themselves range from cool to warm light tones. Changing the lighting is much easier than you think, and it will make a big impact on your space. Some small lighting ideas, such as a small lamp or artisan candles, is a perfect interior design idea that can set a special mood when the time is right.

Invest in High-Quality Accessories You Won’t Tire of 

Throw pillows, towels and blankets can add delightful texture and comfort to a variety of living spaces. You want quality pieces that can stand up to daily wear-and-tear, but ultimately these types of accessories are changeable and more affordable than large furniture pieces. That means these little touches are perfect ways to experiment with your style, and changing decorative accessories for the living room, like pillows or eclectic accent rugs is an easy method of rejuvenating your space!

Aim for about 25% Vintage Pieces mixed in with New Styles

When you’re decorating or redecorating a space, it’s tempting to want to do it all at once. Instead, we recommend mixing vintage and used pieces with the new pieces you’re searching for. Finding antique and vintage pieces, such as coffee tables, chairs and headboards, may take a little more effort to find if you’re looking on eBay or at local thrift shops, but think of it as an adventure. You’ll end up with a unique, quality items at a steal.

Mixing vintage items isn’t just about saving money. It’s also about adding warmth to your space. Ever been to a friend or neighbour’s home that felt sterile or impersonal? Sometimes, a house with all-new furnishings can feel lifeless, even if it is decorated in good taste. Instead, aim for about 25% used, vintage or hand-me-down pieces to create a cosy, inviting space.

Don’t Forget The Kitchen!

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Investing in kitchen goods is always a smart idea. We all have to eat, and a few kitchen pieces can help you create wonderful meals while also adding warmth and life into the heart of your space. A few strategically placed bottles of wine, a fruit basket or a good cheese board will add colour and warmth to any counter as well.

For a good splurge, buy some quality knives and a couple really good pots and pans that you can keep forever. But kitchen accents can fit a variety of budgets! With a little creativity, you can add unique pieces to your kitchen that are meaningful to you. For example, you can save wine corks from meals shared with friends and put them on display in a glass bowl or jar.

Make it a Long-Term Project

In the excitement of decorating a space, all too often people are in a rush to get it all done at once. The idea of one big shopping trip can be exhilarating, but it can be all too easy to “impulse buy” furnishings, or pigeonhole yourself into a certain aesthetic. Instead, we recommend living in the home for awhile to understand the space.

Once you build a relationship with the space, gradually furnish it with little touches and pieces that add colour. By giving yourself the time to understand your space, you’ll end up with home furnishings that are a more accurate depiction of who you are. Plus, when you buy little accents over a long period of time, you’ll extend the feelings of joy and excitement that come with house decoration. So, take a look at our home decor collection and find your newest home decor piece to rejuvenate your space now!

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