There are few feelings better than coming out of your wardrobe with the perfect outfit for the night. Most of us will agree that the process doesn’t end there, however. Part of expressing yourself through fashion is adding the perfect accessories to an outfit to make it truly yours – and few do the job better than the perfect women’s bracelet. To up the ante of your winter ensembles, eb&ive has a stunning selection of bracelets for women.

Ladies’ bracelets can be the ultimate conversation piece – or a total ‘fashion fail’. As a fashionable woman, the bargain bin bracelets are out and carefully crafted beaded bracelet sets are in. Beaded bracelets are the perfect choice because they balance a relaxed and earthy feel with that of sophistication and adventurous. Our Australian bracelets are expertly crafted out of resin and wood to give a natural, upscale look. Each is packaged as a 3-in-one set with three purposefully selected complementary hues.

Availale in a range of colour groups, you can match each bracelet set with an outfit based on both colour and the mood you hope to portray. Natural colours will provide the perfect earthy vibe when paired with a putty-coloured poncho. Our moss mix bracelets make your black, white, brown and grey outfits pop (or stylishly match with a comfy pair of moss-coloured pants). For the ultimate in bracelet chic and a look of pure sophistication, pair an onyx bracelet set with one of our sleek jackets in the same colour.

When online shopping bracelets for ladies, eb&ive has a selection that will perfectly complement your winter wardrobe. With colours and styles chosen to suit those winter tones, our beaded bracelets are sure to add that bit of extra flair to every outfit.

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