For the most versatile statement of femininity, it’s hard to beat a fashionable, quality skirt. A sensual, sleek top can create an unapologetically sexy ensemble, while a toned down yet feminine button shirt up can make that very same skirt the perfectly fashionable work clothing item. There’s no need to stick to one style of ladies skirts this season, however, as eb&ive has one of the widest selections of women’s winter skirts online. Whether its for the office or for your next big date, there’s a stylish eb&ive skirt that’s perfect for you.

A mainstay of women’s winter skirts is of course the women’s maxi skirt. The extra coverage is welcome on those chilly winter nights – but at the same time there’s nothing less stylish than a bulky, shapeless women’s long winter skirt. Thankfully, eb&ive has the most on-trend maxi skirts using fabrics and features like layered tiers to keep things chic. Winter doesn’t mean every skirt needs to be ankle length and longer, however. Our collection of beautiful women’s midi skirts are the perfect length to make sure all your hard work on the stair climber at the gym doesn’t go unnoticed. The variety of styles in our store means you can find winter skirts online for any occasion. Pairing one of our women’s business skirts with a long-sleeved shirt and cardigan can create a fun but professional work ensemble. Show that the weather won’t dictate your style by rocking one of our smart minis with a sleeveless top – just be sure to add the right jacket for that walk to and from the Uber!

If you live for fashion as we do, it means you won’t be ignoring the skirt section of your wardrobe this winter – just modifying it to be right on trend this season. For the most stylish selection of skirts online in Australia this winter, check out eb&ive’s online boutique.

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