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Accentuate your outfits with eb&ive’s stunning new range of women's autumn and winter accessories, designed with care to lift an outfit without overpowering it from our new Localize collection.

From burnished gold pieces to delicately woven works of art, this huge range of jewellery, hats and hairpieces highlights natural minerals and materials, exploring pearl, tortoiseshell, cork, beading, precious stones, and straw. Mostly shaded by beautiful Australia, our accessories also include a few bold colour diversions, for the extra playful among you. Whether teardrops, deep ovals, scalloped edges or striking geometrical shapes, our pieces can elongate the neckline, add excitement to a hairstyle or a stylish statement to casual clothing. Both classic and creative, this autumn and winter season’s accessories are sure to draw compliments from friends and family, and are perfect to be shared among them!