Is there anything better than finding out a beloved accessory from our past is coming back into style? Ladies rejoice – fashion headbands are back on trend! This double-duty classic has always been a favourite – while keeping your carefully-coifed hairdo in place, a well-chosen one adds a splash of fun and playful style to your outfit. As we’re no longer kids, our choices in ladies headbands need to be a bit more thought out. Not to worry – you won’t need to look any further than eb&ive for the best fashion headbands in Australia!

One of our favourite things about headbands for girls is the fact that it is encouraged to perfectly match them to a shirt, pants or pair of boots. Some articles require subtly mismatching tones, but half the fun of ladies headband fashion is the playful matching of colours. With that in mind, our Australian ladies’ headbands come in a wide range of vibrant colours.

Whether you’re just looking for a quick way to get your hair off your face, or you want to perk up an outfit with a splash of colour, a hairband makes for the ideal on-trend accessory, whatever the season.

Perhaps the best thing about our headbands is that they are the perfect group accessory. Pick your favourite colour and then choose one for each of your friends – there’ll be no question who the best-dressed group is!

There’s no better time than this season to perfect your accessory game. For a fun, on-trend option, check out our selection of ladies’ headbands. Whether it’s for you or a fun gift for a friend, one of our fashion headbands will bring a splash of colour and playfulness to any winter our summer outfit.

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