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Article: The Perfect Accessories to Match Your Winter Attire

The Perfect Accessories to Match Your Winter Attire

The Perfect Accessories to Match Your Winter Attire

Accessories can make a nice outfit extraordinary. Take a black ensemble, add an eye-catching necklace and metallic sneakers, and ta-da — you've taken your look from blah to edgy streetwear chic with ease. 

But accessorising can be a little trickier in the winter months. When you're working with multiple layers, chunky knits and hats, warmth can sometimes be prioritised over style. However, this doesn't have to be the case! Learning the basic rules for accessorising will help you bring out the best fashion style for your winter wardrobe.

Wear a few well-chosen accessories at a time 

It's tempting to try and pile on lots of accessories at once, but less is more, especially in winter. If you're already wearing a hat and scarf, it's good to pick only one or two statement fashion design accessories. Otherwise, your outfit can end up looking crowded. 

Choose a few accessories that accent your outfit or highlight the features you want to play up.

  • Wearing an overload of jewellery, complete with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, can overpower your look. Try wearing either earrings or a necklace instead of both. Limit the number of rings you wear at once.
  • If you do choose to add a lot of different accessories, make sure they aren't all competing for attention at once. Match your metals and colours so that your accessories look like they were chosen on purpose. For example, you could wear big silver hoops, a colourful cool-toned scarf, and a chrome watch for a streamlined look.

Pair bold accessories with neutral or simple clothes

Understated clothes will be completely transformed when you add a few bold accessories. If your wardrobe has a lot of neutrals (black, white, navy, or earth tones) accessorising gives you a chance to add a pop of colour and give your outfits a boost. 

The best thing about staple pieces in a wardrobe is that they look great with most other colours, so you don't have to worry too much about matching your accessories to your clothes. Here are some ways to use bold fashion design accessories that will liven up your neutral winter outfits:

  • Pair a thin pink or scarlet belt with a black or navy dress
  • Add a vivid orange or pattern scarf or shoes to khaki or olive-coloured clothing
  • Wake up your white blouse with a multicoloured statement necklace 

Avoid being too matchy

Use a colourful sweater, cardigan or blazer on top of a neutral base to take your outfit to the next level. This raspberry cardigan adds a pop of colour to an otherwise basic ensemble. 

It might be tempting to play off the coral stripes in your dress with matching coral earrings, a coral necklace and coral shoes. However, matching to this extent can sometimes look a little old-fashioned or childish. Throwing some unexpected, contrasted accessories into the mix shows off your creativity and adds interest to the outfit without being repetitive.

  • Use the colour wheel to help you come up with interesting colour combinations that accent each other beautifully. For example, if you're wearing a purple shirt, try adding something mustard or lemon-coloured to your outfit instead of hunting down the same shade of purple. Since yellow is opposite purple on the colour wheel, your outfit will be appealing to the eye.
  • Pair a pop of colour with black and white outfits.  
  • Of course, every rule can be broken. Wearing a full outfit that's the same colour can look awkward, but it can also be a lot of fun when you do it intentionally. For example, pairing pink pants and a top with pink sunglasses and a pink scarf could look chic and vintage. Your unflappable fashion and accessories will be sure to catch the eye!


Don’t be afraid to mix bold colours together for the perfect Winter Look

Balance the size of your pieces

If you're wearing a pair of large, dangling earrings, don't pair them with an oversized statement accessory. Your look will be more balanced if you wear a smaller necklace (or no necklace at all) so that your face isn't overwhelmed by too much large jewellery. Keep the size of your various accessories in mind when you decide what to wear together.

  • Accessories can also be used to balance details, such as stitching, on your clothes. If you're sporting a blouse with neat embroidery near the collar, don't hide it under a big scarf. Instead, choose a sleek necklace that will draw the eye, without covering up the finer points that you want to show off.
  • Let one item be the star statement of your look. Excited about a bold new belt that you bought? If you want people to notice, don't wear it with a brightly coloured hat at the same time!

The Perfect Winter Accessories from eb&ive

With eb&ive designs, it's easy to pull off the right amount of warmth and comfort with the style you love. Start with a soft pair of leggings and a brushed flannel shirt (you can even put light layers under it!), then pull on your favourite denim jeans or slacks and a cardigan. 

To keep out the cold, our on-trend wrap-style wool coat and some sophisticated boots do the job in style. Accessorise with a chunky scarf, warm gloves and a knit headband

Need an edgier look for a winter party? Start with a pair of leather pants, one of the warmest materials you can put on. Next, add a simple shirt like this and top it all off with a faux-fur vest or wrap. A maxi slip dress over leggings is another winter favourite around the house and for office holiday parties alike!

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