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Mid-Length Dress

Update your wardrobe with the ultimate summer fashion from eb&ive’s free-flowing and relaxed midi-length or mid-length dresses for the season.  Elegant, classic and comfortable as the temperature heats up, this range features shades inspired by the calming elements of earth and water, from earthy clays to deep peaches and intriguing blues and teals. Opt for our warm, block colors in sand, beige, teals and rust, for a classic, and timeless look or make a bolder statement with eb&ive's signature botanical print, which borrows from the whimsical world of art nouveau. From mid to long-length, a-line or hourglass-shaped, these garments gently skim the skin and flatter all body types. Dresses can be left loose, tailored with a woven belt, or layered with a vest.