In Australia, we are blessed enough to have mild winters – not only because we don’t suffer the bitter cold of other countries, but that we forego the need to bundle up in shapeless heavy outerwear and can still wear a variety of beautiful clothing pieces!

Still, there is a change of style that goes with the change of seasons. For those shopping women’s dresses online, eb&ive has the most in-style selections of women’s fashion dresses you’ll find anywhere.

Our winter dress collection focuses on women’s casual dresses as well as women’s occasion dresses. Styles like our Bodega and Pali dresses are effortlessly casual while remaining undeniably stylish. Like the Pali, our Margaux dresses and Chandon shifts are equally attractive on their own or paired with pants or denim. Blurring the line between ornate top and dress, our tunics put a unique twist on things. We also carry a selection of women’s dresses online in Australia for special occasions – like our one-of-a-kind Provence dress and wildly popular styles like our Korbel dresses.

For those chillier winter nights, we also have some of the season’s most stylish women’s maxi dresses. Being cosy doesn’t have to be synonymous with being style-less! Our maxi dresses and ankle length selections use chic and modern cuts and materials to keep you on trend while they keep you warm. Mixing things up with the addition of a cardigan, vest or jacket will breathe an entirely new lease of life into any of our dresses and create a style all your own.

From in-your-face femininity to casual and relaxed, our selection of winter dresses runs the full gamut. The incredibly stylish, comfortable, and high quality dresses in our online store will be a indispensable addition to your wardrobe this winter. When buying women’s dresses online, Australia needs look no further than eb&ive.

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