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Article: 8 Fashion Items You Need For Your Holiday Wardrobe

8 Fashion Items You Need For Your Holiday Wardrobe

8 Fashion Items You Need For Your Holiday Wardrobe

8 Fashion Items Your Holiday Wardrobe Should Be Stocked With

There are many holidays to dress up for throughout the year, but having to buy new clothes and accessories for every occasion can become time-consuming and stressful. So it's important to make sure that you always have a holiday wardrobe on which to rely, that's stocked full of beautiful fashion items. You are sure to come across a wide variety of fun stuff that catches your eye during your upcoming shopping trips. But take the time to check out our favourite fashion item picks that no holiday wardrobe should be without:

A Kaftan

Kaftans are warm and comfortable like traditional tunics, but their updated style will help ensure that you're always in fashion no matter what holiday you happen to be celebrating. They are certainly a step up over basic tops for women.

Kaftans come in a variety of colours and styles. But for the holiday season, you should stick with solid coloured kaftans like black and white so you can embellish them with your favourite holiday scarves and belts. Go ahead and cover your holiday outfit up with a luxurious kaftan, ready to reveal it when the day's festivities begin. Or turn your kaftan into a holiday outfit of its own by adorning it with bows and holiday pins.

A Strapless Dress

Strapless dresses for women are the star of the show when it comes to dressing up for the holidays. A simple strapless dress will allow your jewellery and other accessories to really shine through when you're in the mood to share your holiday spirit.

Choose a strapless dress with an overlay design for a fun and frilly look that will help you celebrate your favourite holidays in style. Pair your strapless dress with a green or red jacket during Christmas time. Or throw a pair of full-length gloves on to accentuate your valentine's day look before meeting up with a loved one.

A Cool Hair Claw

Celebrating the holidays can get pretty sweaty whether you're in the kitchen cooking a feast or on the dance floor with friends and family members. That's why every woman should add at least one cool hair claw to their holiday wardrobe.

A neutral coloured hair claw can help you create a beautiful up-do that's sure to impress at formal holiday gatherings. Use your hair claw to help create a unique costume for an upcoming party. Or just keep the claw in your purse so you can quickly put your hair up when you're feeling warm.

A Neat Hat

Hats for women are all the rage, so why not pick one up to wear during the holiday season? You can wear your new hat right over a hair claw or clip to stay warm and to keep your hairdo fresh for holiday photos. A hat can be adorned with pins and glitter to spice things up, or worn with a scarf when you want to keep a low profile. Hats off to your next holiday celebration!

A Sleek Headband

If you enjoy wearing your hair down but want to keep it out of your face, you'll appreciate having a headband around during the holidays. A simple headband can help bring your holiday outfits to life and complement the jewellery you're wearing. It will keep wisps of hair off of your forehead so you won't get distracted while celebrating your favourite holidays. And if you do want to wear your hair up in a bun or ponytail, you can throw a headband on to create a sleek look and minimise the risks of frizz developing during celebrations.

An Earthy Bracelet

Adorning a bracelet is a great way to dress up and make a little noise during the holiday season. Adding a bracelet to your holiday outfit will give it a little sparkle without overwhelming the rest of your accessories like earrings and necklaces might.

The bracelets you find here on eb&ive are sure to complement all of your brightly coloured holiday outfits, yet they'll pair very well with your neutral outfits and formal wear. The natural beauty of our bracelets will enhance your manicure and complement your skin tone no matter what you happen to be wearing.

A Basic Tank Top

All basic tops for women can help accentuate your holiday outfits. But a tank top will allow you to layer your clothing without letting on what's underneath your top layer. If you want to wear something under a dress to help keep sweat under control, you can throw a tank top on and nobody would be the wiser. You can also just wear your tank top as-is and enjoy the brisk air during a summer barbecue celebration.

You will find a wide variety of awesome fashion items here on eb&ive that are sure to pair perfectly with the things you already have in your holiday wardrobe. Take some time to contact us and let us know what your favourite holiday fashion items are. We'd love to hear from you!

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